If you’re one of the thousands of people facing the loss of your home or property by compulsory acquisition, don’t despair. Although there are very limited grounds for stopping a compulsory acquisition, there is plenty you can do to make sure you get the highest price possible.

Have negotiations with a government authority to compulsorily acquire your property stalled because they won’t pay you just compensation? We’re all familiar with the iconic Australian film The Castle where a David and Goliath battle between an Aussie family and the government that went all the way to the High Court in order to acquire their home which they called their castle.

You can avoid the stress and uncertainty by contacting the experts at Ferrer Lawyers. We use our knowledge and experience to guarantee a higher price for you. Don’t guess or let the bureaucrats push you around. Make the call and find out what your property is really worth.


Between 2012 – 2016 the NSW government acquired 1,713 properties, an average of 428 per year. Of these, 1,403, or 81% were acquired by way of agreement. Most disputed cases are resolved before they go to hearing. Interestingly, between 2007 and 2016, in 58 disputed cases the average level of compensation ordered by the court was almost 58% higher than the initial offer.

In urban residential properties, the average compensation ordered by the Court was almost 33% higher. In 16 cases involving rural residential land, the Court’s determination of compensation was on average 42% higher than the previous offer.

How do we get more compensation for your property?

A study has found that owners who obtained legal advice and challenged the Acquiring Authority’s initial offer from the government settled at a significantly higher price. It follows that to get a higher price for your property:

  1. Gather as much information from the Acquiring Authority about the proposed acquisition.
  2. Instruct professional legal advisors to ensure the Acquiring Authority is complying with proper procedures under the Act.
  3. Instruct expert independent valuers who are highly respected by the government to ensure that you have been offered just compensation.

You’re not powerless when you know your rights and claim just compensation from the government. Experienced legal advice is free for those facing compulsory acquisition of their property as the Acquiring Authority is required by law to pay your bills.

Ferrer Lawyers always recommend that you contact our expert advisors experienced in Compulsory Acquisition matters. Our trusted independent and professional valuers are highly respected by the government, a necessary prerequisite to protecting your rights, interests and securing the highest value for your property. Owners facing compulsory acquisition should call (02) 8823 3588 or email us with your enquiry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information, guidance or assistance.