Ferrer Lawyers is an established and trusted law firm that specialises in a number of practice areas and all forms of dispute resolution.

Commercial Approach

We deliver first class, efficient and integrated legal services. Our firm includes a team of qualified lawyers and independent experts who assist in our core practice areas which enables us to provide you with commercial sage advice and representation. We pride ourselves in having a closer and more personalised relationship with you, who will not be treated as just another file number.

Clear Philosophy

Our principal goals are to provide the highest quality of legal services that allow us to be an instrumental part in your success, and to elevate the practice of law by recruiting, retaining and advancing the brightest legal talent.


Our principal and lawyers are specialised in their respective disciplines and are able to apply this knowledge for your benefit. We recognise each legal problem, no matter how small, is unique requiring dedicated time and care. Our committed team of experts will work with you to find a commercial and pragmatic solution. It is important to take into consideration your business, culture, future plans and environment. We offer expert legal advice tailored to your overall needs

Trusted by Clients

We take great pride in your trust in us, which is manifested by invitations to your board rooms and management committees to assist you in making critical business decisions about your affairs. We routinely provide on-site legal expertise by being available to work alongside you in your offices or on site to help you focus on what’s important, building your business.

In order to achieve the best result, we must be able to communicate harmoniously with each other. For too many years’ lawyers have not informed their clients as to the way in which their matter will be handled; the progress made and the nature of any fees to be charged. We ensure that you’re fully informed as to all aspects of your matter and history has proven that by being up front with you, our relationship has been significantly enhanced because it is based on honesty and integrity.

At Ferrer Lawyers we strive to keep all communication lines open, enabling you to make reasoned, logical and timely decisions. We will always advise you of the avenues available and the best course given your needs and problems. Ultimately, though, the decision is yours.

Ethical and Transparent Code of Conduct

As part of our goal to elevate our firm, we ensure that our team members deal with one other and you with the highest respect, utmost transparency and ethical conduct in compliance with the Law Society of New South Wales professional rules of conduct. We view ourselves as the bastions of holding the legal practice to the highest level of professionalism.

Work with you

We regard you as part of our team working together with the same objectives. We are a solutions-orientated firm of lawyers who have a fearless reputation for success. No law firm can guarantee an outcome, but at Ferrer Lawyers we dedicate ourselves to achieving the optimal outcome by helping, protecting and supporting you.

Work with International Law Firms