Section 7 of the Home Building Act 1989 NSW (‘Act’) requires a written contract for residential building work.

Under the Act a builder or contractor (‘builder’) is not entitled to damages or to enforce any other remedy in respect of a breach of contract committed by the homeowner including a claim for quantum meruit, s.94(1), and any agreements between the parties to perform works on the property are unenforceable by the builder, s.10(1)(b).

If you’re a builder who failed to enter into a written contract for residential building work over $20,000 and as a result those building works are uninsured, you may still make a claim for reasonable remuneration and/or reasonable sum of work done and materials provided on the basis of:

  1. Quantum meruit;
  2. Quantum valebat;
  3. Unjust enrichment; and
  4. Restitution.

The principle of unjust enrichment, for which an order for restitution may be made, refers to circumstances where there is an enrichment or benefit obtained at a builder’s expense, in circumstances which make it unjust that a homeowner should retain the enrichment or benefit, and no defence is applicable or available.

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